NaNoWriMo 2013!, NaNoWriMo is once again upon us. And after two years of taking part, I am contemplating a third. The only problem is, I kind of got nothing to go with right now. Sure, I got some ideas, some possible suggestions. But I don’t feel I have the inspiration. So I thought maybe making a list might help shake the rust loose and provide me with a needed push. Maybe a few suggestions could help there too.

Basically, I have it narrowed down to four possibilities. First, I have a repitched old idea that I’ve been looking to rework for some time, followed by a short story idea that I think has potential and would like to see written in full, a third installment in my zombie series that needs to be written at some point, and the option of ditching all that in favor of finishing up with my edits and reading.

Here’s a basic rundown on each:

  1. Apocrypha: This is a story I began writing back in 2008, but stopped when it started to go nowhere. Since that time, I threw out the original draft, began rewriting it, and then threw that one out too. It’s a story that seems to stick with me and has potential. It just needs a good rewrite. It takes place in the coming decades, in a world approaching the technological singularity and also reeling from the effects of overpopulation, displacement and climate change.
  2. Pavitratā: This story was originally called Purity, and it involves a battalion of Marines who are being sent to a distant solar system to stabilize the situation on a colony world that has descended into civil war. Plenty of action, adventure, and maybe even a little social commentary. Hard to say, lets see where it goes!
  3. Oscar Mike: The third installment in my Whiskey Delta series, this book picks up directly after events in Papa Zulu. It takes place roughly six weeks after the battle that characterized most of that book, and introduces another major twist to the story which threatens to alter the entire course of the zombie war.
  4. Shag NaNoWriMo! I got work to do: As I am still not finished editing Papa Zulu, reading some stories for review, or catching up with a whole lot of relevant stories that have taken place in the last few weeks, I could just forego the whole damn thing and stick with the work I’ve got.

Those are my options. And just to make it fun, I thought I might put in a poll card and get people to vote. What do you think I should do for the month of November?

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2013!

  1. I have total admiration for those people who are able to keep up with the demands of nanowrimo. Unfortunately I am not one of those people. I tried once about five or so years ago and beside not getting any support from my near and dear, work obligations made it impossible for me to keep up with the word count t. I was destined to fail.
    You’re a different beast though and can slam out that word count with your eyes closed. In the end this is really more about what you feel inspired to do. What wouldnthat be?

  2. I don’t know about this whole NaNoWriMo thing; a month to write a novel at the slow pace I work doesn’t seem like near enough time. I voted for the Purity story (which is what I think you should call it since while I assume Pavitrata means something similar, here in Merucka we only talk Meruckan). That seems really interesting and I’m looking forward to it now. And since I’m the first vote I think mine counts extra (that is how democracy works, right?).

    1. I knew you’d say that! You want yer reviews, don’t ya? Of course, I am leaning in that direction. I do feel I have enough to do right now and don’t need a daily challenge and firmly fixed deadline on top of it.

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