New Cover for Whiskey Delta!

Whiskey_Delta2Call me fussy, but since I decided to create a video trailer for Whiskey Delta, I’ve begun to think extra hard about promotion and marketing. What’s more, creating that trailer required me to open an account at Shutterstock so I would have images that I alone have the rights to and can use without worry of copyright infringement or rights.

And so, what you see above is how the new cover will look like now. Rather than the small arsenal that was featured on the original, this one has some real, bonafide zombie content to show the world! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time now, and even approached some friends and family who I know are skilled in visual arts. I mean, a zombie novel should have one on the cover right?

Addendum: All this experimenting with the first cover has made me want to redo the cover for the sequel. Now that I got images which I feel more accurately express the content, I feel I must tweak some more! And as usual, I produced a few different versions because I can’t seem to decide on which one is best. What do you think?

Cover One:


Cover Two:

papa_zulu5Cover Three:

papa_zulu2Cover Four:


8 thoughts on “New Cover for Whiskey Delta!

      1. Well in that case, they don’t have a picture of a zombie emerging from an alley. They got what looks like a post-apocalyptic soldier standing in an alley, and a barbie doll with bloody hands standing in an alley. I don’t think they are a very good service!

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