China’s new 3-D printed houses

My latest article over at China Daily Mail!

China News

House in China built by using a 3D printer House in China built by using a 3D printer

Additive manufacturing (aka. 3-D printing) has triggered a revolution in fabrication, with applications ranging from consumer goods to artificial bones and organs. However, it is in the field of construction that the technology is making what may prove to be some of its greatest contributions.

In addition to being much more safe and cost-effective than traditional construction, 3-D printed housing is also much more eco-friendly and sustainable. This is due not only to the fact that far less materials are wasted in the process, but that waste materials can actually be re-purposed for new buildings.

That is the concept behind the manufacturing process used by Winsun, a Sunzou-based construction materials company that is currently spearheading a 3-D printed house-building project.

In recent weeks, it displayed its industrial-sized printer – a device that costs $5000 and is 6.6 meters tall, 10 meters…

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