The ReFlow G2R2 Going Live!

reflowg2r2Hey folks! Just wanted to give people a heads-up about what’s been going on these past few weeks. Well, as of yesterday the company I’ve been working with for the past two months – Green Water Solution – finally put its concept up for funding. The idea is known as the G2R2 Grey-Water Recycling System, a compact water treatment unit that turns bath and shower water into toilet water.

The final prototype, with the running lights on
The final prototype, with the running lights on

The reason I signed on to this project is twofold. One, the guy running it is a good friend of mine and the family’s and we go way back. Two, the idea has got to be one the cleverest things I’ve ever heard of. People living in developed nations already consume too much water. But the fact that all the household water we use, whether it is for eating and drinking or just flushing our toilets, is treated to the drinking standard is just downright wasteful.

This system solves much of this problem by turning used bath and shower water into clean, flushable water, thereby reusing roughly a third of the water we dispose of on a regular basis, while also cutting utility bills by up to 30%. The system also doesn’t require any renovations since it can be retrofitted to existing plumbing, and therefore is also a third of the price of conventional grey-water systems.

Designer Derek standing next to his baby!
Designer Derek standing next to his baby!

Anyhoo, the system went live on Indiegogo as of Monday evening, and they are looking for people to pledge money so they can make this system commercially viable. Already, they have completed and tested several prototypes, but they need funding if they are going to be able to ramp up production and create more. If they get them, apartment, home, and condo owners all over North America will be able to place orders for them by the end of the year.

Naturally, I wouldn’t ask people to pledge their hard-earned money on something, but do please come and check it out. Also, feel free to leave comments, since the more people commenting on an Indiegogo campaign, the better a reach it has.

Feel free to check out their website and comment there as well. Note, you will my name and picture if you go to the Our Team page:

5 thoughts on “The ReFlow G2R2 Going Live!

  1. Where does the ReFlow G2R2 stand today? I can’t find any information on it past 2015 and I am interested if they ever made it to market and if so where you can buy it.

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