I’m a happy man! While I wasn’t looking, two more readers posted their thoughts on my first novel on Amazon. And they were quite nice! Both were 5 stars and they offered some highly encouraging words to boot. Here is the latest:

“I didn’t realize how deeply I was drawn into this book until I was about halfway through it! It has a distinctive style, with a multileveled story, and a main character I connected with quite easily. Reminiscent of “The Expanse” – the TV show, since I have not yet read any of the books by S.A. Corey – but that same mix of future/cyberpunk/mystery that grabs my attention. Well done! Yes, I’m heading for the next in the series.”

Once again, someone has compared my work to the Expanse. While I initially didn’t like this comparison (funny story, tell you later), it’s one that my publisher certainly likes! And I’ve come to embrace it. If people think my work is reminiscent of a highly successful (and kick-ass) series of novels and mini-series, who am I to argue?

That review came shortly after this one, which was perhaps the most glowing review I’ve received to date:

“I just finished The Cronian Incident by Matthew Williams. My first impression was that this was a rock solid piece of literature. The writing was mature and well thought out. The vocabulary was respectable and different terms where well explained. I admit I was a bit hesitant at first as detective type novels have never ranked high on my personal preference however as I got into the book I found that it was hard to put down. Often I read by author and I will not miss out on reading the next book in this series. I would expect this author to go far with such talent. Writing of this quality is hard work and he certainly put the effort into it. The only downfall that I can see would be with people with poor reading comprehension, however avid sci fi will not have any difficulties. This has been one of the most well put together books I have read this past year.”

Seriously, that may be the nicest review I ever got. I mean they even said that the only downfall is that some people might not be able to get it. I seriously thought they were gearing up to say something about the pacing, spelling, or content – something they didn’t like, you know? Again, who am I to argue?

Thanks to the reviewers and I hope the second book (and fingers crossed, the third) will also

9 thoughts on “Two More 5 Star Reviews for The Cronian Incident!

  1. Hello,
    Looking to contact you re an article you wrote for Universe Today in 2014, about fresh water on Earth. Be in touch whenever convenient. Meanwhile as a result of searching for you, I am happy to have discovered your books. Off to download the first one now.
    Brion Toss

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