Over at Audible.com, more listeners have been posting reviews for The Cronian Incident and The Jovian Manifesto. I kind of let them pile up without sharing, so I thought I’d share them here today at last.

First up, here’s what people have been saying about The Cronian Incident, which has recieved an overall rating of 4.8/5 stars (based on nine reviews):

Cyphers Fallen (5 stars)

“I liked the main character and the journey he went through the growth he experienced during the course of the book. With a good story and narration that was great this book stands out. I recommend a listen.”

Lucas DJG (4 stars)

“This book has a lot of things going for it. The story is fun and engaging, the narrator fits the role to perfection, and the pacing is perfect. It has a hint of the 50’s private eye, but in a futuristic setting. I say only a hint, but that hint is in every scene. I really enjoyed that aspect of it and it paired nicely with all the great descriptions and world-building. The contrast between the two really made for some interesting listening.

Layla (5 stars)

“I loved the mystery in this story, even though I figured out who did it quite quickly, but we get to know the characters, the place they live and the politics.
This is for 18+ due to violence (moderate), profanity (moderate) and sexual content (one scene). I am looking forward to the next book”

Nathan J. Arnold (5 stars)

I enjoyed this read very much! The author’s understanding of potential scientific developments is impressive with fascinating ideas on the future of neural implants and planetary terra-forming (as incorporated into the story). Looking forward to upcoming installments!

And now The Jovian Manifesto, which has fewer ratings (2 so far), but is currently enjoying a 5/5 star rating!

Helen (5 stars)

“The Solar System is on the verge of ignition, and all that is needed is a spark.
I really enjoyed this book lots of twist and turns through out the book”

Placid (5 stars)

“This book is the second in the series. It continues when an inspector is sent to determine what occurred and who had released the manifesto that shocked the entire solar system. It seems that the solar system is full of many competing factions what want to kill the inspector. At the same time they discover some allies while the authorities are trying to do mass extermination of dissenters. The book is one continuous series of near death experiences where the inspector must not only survive but try to discover the truth.

“The narrator did an outstanding job of presenting the story with the various characters having individual voices.”

In case you’re wondering, the third installment The Frost Line Fracture, is coming along nicely and will be finished and published sometime this Fall! Once that’s done, I plan to get to work on the next project, which is TBD at this point.


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