The subject of this week’s episode is the science being transforming extraterrestrial planets to make them more “Earth-like” – aka. Terraforming! This is a subject near and dear to my heart and something I wrote about at length a few years ago over at Universe Today, titled “The Definitive Guide to Terraforming.” I also took the opportunity to share some good news: the essay I wrote about terraforming will soon be published in the upcoming The Ross 248 Project!

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is an anthology of SF stories and scientific essays edited by author and NASA scientist Les Johnson and terraforming expert Ken Roy. The topic is how humans could populate rocky planets that orbit red dwarf suns – like Ross 128, Proxima Centauri, or TRAPPIST-1 – in the near future. For the sake of fiction, Johnson and Roy decided to use Ross 248 (a red dwarf over 10 light-years from Earth) as the setting since it is not yet known if it supports a planetary system.

My contribution was an essay titled “Under Crimson Skies” that looked at how these planets could be ecologically engineered to make them into future homes for humanity!

Where to Listen:

In the meantime, keep reaching for those stars!


One thought on “Episode Seventeen of Stories from Space is Now Live!

  1. I’m glad you talked a little about Venus. Venus gets overlooked in these discussions a lot, but every once in a while I read an article arguing that Venus would make a better second home for humans than Mars. The surface gravity is almost the same as Earth’s, and the chemical soup of an atmosphere does, at least, include more of the chemical elements we’d need to survive. I’m not exactly ready to buy a ticket to Venus, but as I said, Venus gets overlooked a little too easily.

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