This week’s episode is a special one. Instead of the usual stories from space, I get to talking about stories about space and humanity’s bold future in it. In short, I talked about science fiction, the books that inspired me throughout my life, and how I dreamed of one day writing the kind of books that inspired me. By the time I became a science communicator who writes about this stuff for a living, I finally found my voice.

This journey eventually led me to write the Formist Series, which was published between 2017 and 2020. And frankly, I’m just getting started! Before I put my pen down, there are countless stories I would like to tell. And I am fortunate enough to work in a field that actively inspires me to think about humanity’s future in space and learn the technical aspects involved. I even recount the exact article I’d written in 2015 that made everything click in my mind!

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2 thoughts on “Episode Eighteen of Stories from Space is Now Live!

  1. I feel much the same way, that the 21st Century is going to be a major turning point for human civilization. I find a lot of hope and comfort in Star Trek’s utopian vision of the future, but even according to Star Trek lore the 21st Century is supposed to be a real shitshow. Apparently the writers felt that humanity would need to hit rock bottom, so to speak, before we could really start to clean up our act. That’s something I think about a lot whenever I look at the state of the world today.

    1. I know what you mean. I always found Star Trek either naive or reassuring, depending on my mood. But I eventually settled on liking the positive tone of it. And I feel challenged to address the whole issue of how humanity will make it through this century. Thanks for listening!

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