A few months back, my publisher announced that, unfortunately, they could no longer publish my trilogy, known as the Formist Series. The pandemic had hit the publishing industry pretty hard, especially smaller operations, and they were no longer able to keep producing their clients’ books. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of independent author resources out there, and I have some experience with them.

So as soon as I reacquired the rights to my books – The Cronian Incident, The Jovian Manifesto, and The Frost Line Fracture – I reissued them immediately via Kindle Direct Publishing. For the first little while, nothing much changed. But a few short weeks ago, I noticed that the number of ratings had climbed considerably, especially for the first novel. Allow me to present it in table format. I like doing that!

BookCronian IncidentJovian ManifestoFrost Line Fracture
Ratings (formerly)38 (13)11 (8)2 (1)
Avg. Rating4.34.54.5

Doing the math, CI’s ratings have increased by 292%, JV’s have increased by a comparatively modest 37.5%, and FLF’s have increased by 100% (but only because it went from 1 to 2). I’m not sure what led to this uptick, but I think the way my online profile has increased in the past decade has directed more people to my books. And it seems likely to me that this is recent since the increase has been concentrated on the first installment in the series so far.

While it’s certainly the case that most readers will pick up the first book in a series and hesitate to buy more, that much of a gap between the first books and the sequels suggests to me that anyone who bought the first one (and left a rating) are still deciding if they want to read further. Personally, I hope they do because (imho) the second book is the best one, while my publisher claimed that the third one is. I invite readers to decide for themselves!

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