This week’s episode was the third installment of the “Settling the Solar System” (or “Great Migration”) segment. Previous episodes covered how humans could one day live on the Moon and Mars. In this latest installment, I discussed how humans (with the right technology and strategies) could live on Venus. Well, not exactly on Venus, since the planet is a total hellhole!

The air pressure alone is enough to crush your bones, the average temperature is literally hot enough to melt lead, and there’s also sulfuric acid rain! Basically, Venus is the WORST piece of real estate in the Solar System! At least… it is on the surface. But above the cloud tops, where temperatures are mild, the air pressure is decent, and the sulfuric acid rain is sparse, floating cities could be established.

Over time, these settlements could be used to terraform the planet into an ocean paradise. Check out the episode to hear how it could be done!

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One thought on “Episode 38: “The Great Migration: How Can Humans Live on Venus?”

  1. I have some catching up to do.

    Years back, I read a book called Venus Revealed, by David Grinspoon. That was my first real introduction to planetary science, and Venus has remained my favorite planet ever since. I think Venus has real potential for human settlement. In some ways, it’s easier than Mars. In other ways, it’s harder. You said we might be able to do it next century, and I think that’s very plausible.

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