Calling All Revengers…

Batman_gothamHello comrades, thank you all for coming. We’ve completed work on our first three missions and it’s time to take stock of what we’ve done. In our first sorties as a crime fighting justice league, we managed to take down a mob boss, a corrupt city counselor, a  notorious pimp, and a drug manufacturing operation that threatened to pollute our city. In the process, we also saved several lives and made the lives of many more better and safer.

Yes, the city sleeps more soundly tonight thanks to the work of hardened men and women who are willing to do what is necessary to put the scum and the filth where they belong. And yet, it seems that despite our recent efforts, the problems of crime, corruption and abuse goes far deeper than anyone thought. We’ve pulled back the surface layer of scum only to find that the infection runs deep.

DoubleMurderIt is as an old friend of mine used to say: “You dig a few feet, you’ll find five bodies. You dig ten feet, you’ll find a hundred.” And so it is time to consider what our next moves will be. And I can think of no better place than to consider what was learned from our first three engagements. During our first outing, we learned that Joey the Stare Keithly or Councilman Harlan. We noted the presence of a telepath at that engagement, and this requires some further investigation.

Second came the rather cryptic message discovered by Judgement while investigating the case of the DA’s office and the business tycoon. After finding both parties dead in the DA’s office, her uncovered a note with three words: Princess” and “the Oracle”. Apparently, these names allude to positions of leadership in the N-Feed community. Naturally, Judgement considers this an internal matter, but our organization has several N-Feed members who are offering their help. We need to look farther into this at some point.

And finally, our interrogation of Billy Bob revealed that his operations are partly controlled by the Bratzsva, the Ukrainian mafia. The drug plant and his brothels are no free of his tyrannical influence, but they remain in effect. What’s more, the girls still need to be liberated and his lieutenants taken down. We don’t want one of them stepping up to fill the void left by Bob’s departure. It’s time to burn this infection out from the source!

And of course, the floor is open for further suggestions. Anybody know of some scumbags or crooked bastards that need to be taken down? Or perhaps there are some innocents who need a helping hand? Or, just a suggestion, a PR mission to let the public know exactly who we are and what we do? It aint all about hurting people, after all. Oh, and always remember to be careful out there!

The Revengers Mission #3

revengers_pursuitWelcome back Revengers! Suffice it to say, we’ve had a pretty interesting time just getting our feet wet. In the midst of our first and second missions, we’ve learned that our enemies may be more numerous than we thought, and the mysteries this city hold’s may run deeper than previously expected. But we soldier on, for as we know, this city needs us. The people are crying out for justice and a new breed of fighters in the war on crime, corruption and despair!

And with Councilman Jeff Harlan safely in witness protection, Joey “The Stare” Keithly awaiting trial and the mystery of the DA’s office still open, we can now proceed to taking down this city’s most notorious pimp. His name is Billy “Big Daddy” Bob, and as usual, he has some powerful allies and equally powerful enemies. The former include Gus Darby, entrepreneur and restauranteur extraordinaire. For some time now, the two have been using Darby’s upscale restaurant to conduct back-room deals and hobnob with the city’s elite and powerful.

However, after years of conducting blackmail schemes with the rich and powerful, Billy Bob’s competition is contemplating moving in and taking him and Darby out. A turf war could be in the works, with countless innocent men, women, and young girls caught in the middle. If anything goes down involving Billy Bob, we can expect the women he uses and abuses will suffer the worst. We must put an end to him now, before his machinations and sick ambition cause even more harm.

At this point, I shall defer to Panacea‘s field report on the matter, as she is our point person on this particular mission:

“It seems that Billy Bob has dinner, or maybe it’s breakfast, every afternoon at 4:30 at Gus’ restaurant. Gus was nowhere to be seen. Billy Bob watches the sunset then goes out the back door into the alley to a black Mercedes. Very soon afterwards, Gus comes out. They get into the backseat together and their chauffeur drives away. I followed by flying discreetly behind them. They cruise through the docks, merge into afternoon rush hour. Then they get on to the interstate and disappear into the tunnel. Because of the volume of traffic, I though it best to fly over and catch up with them on the other side, but they never came out.

I looked for them on the interstate and surrounding streets, just in case they made it through before I flew over. I didn’t find them. I sat on a perch where I could watch both ends of the tunnel, but they never came out. I waited until 2 am, for when traffic was at its slowest, and searched the tunnel.


I also search the docks just in case there was something going on there, but I couldn’t find anything. Billy Bob is back at the same table eating dinner and watching the sunset. If you are available, come. They are up to something, but what and where? Follow the Mercedes. Help me find out what they are up to. If the opportunity is right, take them down.

If not let Captain Smackdown know what you find so we can plan our next move.”

revengers_cadillacFollow-up reconnaissance has been mounted and we have determine that Billy Bob is using a concealed side-passage in the highway tunnel. We’ve located the spot in question, now we need to follow it to its source. I’m calling on my fellow Revengers to join in this mission, as we suspect that it will prove dangerous and that a multitude of skill will be needed. We could also use some serious research and recon skills to map out where the tunnel might go. Would make sense to hit it at both ends to ensure we achieve surprise and take down anyone protecting the tunnel from intrusion.

In addition, Billy Bob’s residences, where he keeps his “working girls” on hand and puts his feet up at the end of the day, is a prime target. Even if he’s not currently there to dole out abuse and kick back, I want these places found and liberated. The young girls need to know that there boss’s days are over and that they are free, and whatever debts they have or things they are being blackmailed with are now gone. As such, I think three strike teams, no more than three or four each, will suffice. He’s got hired muscle, but nothing we can’t handle…

So… who’s up for a little pimp busting?

Revengers Mission #2

Good evening, Revengers. Captain Smackdown here, hope you all had a relaxing weekend, because it seems were back in the thick of it. No sooner had we resolved our little problem with the Councilman and Joey “The Stare” Keithly, that I got another report from one of our field assets.

Our superhero Judgement, aka. Rami Ungar, discovered a link between a dirty business tychoon and a certain woman in the DA’s office. Asked to investigate, alongside Veiled Tsunami, to determine if there was a case for corruption or blackmail, he had this to say:

This is Judgement. I’m not going to mince words, so here we go: when we got to the DA’s office, the businessman was dead and the DA had OD’d. At first, I thought it was a lover’s quarrel gone wrong. But then I found something in the businessman’s shoe: a piece of paper with 3 words: “Princess” and “the Oracle”.

Those words have meaning to me. I’ll have to check in with some friends and see if there’s anything to worry about.

Not good news. Could we have some competition in town? Might this be the work of another crime-fighting superhero squad, one with a looser code of conduct? Or did the DA’s office seek to cover its tracks by eliminating a potential leak? Or was the businessman and the DA’s clerk just the tip of the iceberg?

We need to investigate. Which means putting more souls on this, the moment we have a break in this case. All hands, press your sources for info on the names “Princess” and “Oracle”. Whoever, or whatever, these things are, they are now the only leads we have in a double murder case. Meanwhile, I will get on my sources at the good ol’ PD and see if anyone has turned up anything…

Revengers out!

Revenger Homework Assignments

Thank you Revengers for getting back to me in a timely fashion. It seems the city has many problems that are just crying out to be dealt with. And as I said before, it’s hard to know where to start. But it seems our members and their sources have provided several possible suggestions, three to be exact. Ordinarily, I might be inclined to ask that we decide together which one merits the most immediate response.

However, since they are all worthy, and no single one would require the full weight of our numbers, we can afford to divide our resources this time and take them down simultaneously. And as it happens, the timetable on these missions appears to provide a little flexibility, since some need to be dealt with sooner than others.

Behold our first three missions, numbered based on their immediacy, but not order of importance. Within each, you will find a mission profile and assignments, which will be given out based on abilities but largely open to volunteers. Those who have brought the assignment to our attention will usually get first crack, but priority must be given to who can be most affective in any given situation. And if you’re not picked the first time around, don’t worry. We are all on the roster and shall be given the chance to show the world of crime and corruption what we got!

Mission 1: Corruption at City Hall
Source: Atrum Auditor

Profile: It seems that a certain city councilman named Jeff Harlan has a reputation for corruption. However, after multiple investigations, nothing has ever stuck to him. Witnesses and evidence against him have a way of disappearing, and it’s widely believed their is a mob connection in that respect.

But we may have finally found a break. Tonight, a meeting with syndicate crime boss Joe “The Stare” Keithly is scheduled to go down at the docks, with the intent of discussing a new building project on the East Side. Atrum believes that Keithly is looking for more real estate to expand his methamphetine operations, since most of the hard drugs in the city come from the outside. If he can build his own network of labs, he will be in a position to control meth production and distribution, making him all the more powerful and the people of the city helpless in his hands!

Aims: The meeting needs to go down, and evidence collected on the Councilman. That evidence needs to finds its way into the hands of someone honest at the DA’s office. Then, we need to take down Joe Keithly and make sure he understands that his policy of intimidation and disappearances is at an end. I was thinking something dramatic, like his own methods which often involve feeding people to the fish. Let him dangle above a shark tank up to and until the point where Councilman Harlan is safely behind bars, and maybe, just maybe we’ll let him walk out on his own two feet. But of course, be creative, just know that no one dies…

Assignments: Atrum, since this is your show, you will be responsible for watching over the meeting and making sure we got audio/video on the whole thing. We’ll need at least two people to join him and make sure the take down goes smoothly. Keithly doesn’t travel alone and can be expected to have two or three armed men with him. Remember, we only need to scare the bejeezus out of him and make sure he’s sidelined until the Councilman is arrested. Volunteers?

Mission 2: Pimping Aint Easy…
Source: Panacea

Profile: It seems this mission presents the opportunity to not only avenge some deaths, but prevent many more. Panacea recently discovered two young girls left in an alley to die, strung out on drugs, and willing to provide some rather interesting information. It seems that Gus Darby, a respectable businessmen, just opened a new high-class restaurant on the waterfront. It’s the kind of place there the rich go to network in person. Deals are made over some of the best food and drink in town.

However, it is also rumored that Gus himself is doing some business in here, with notorious pimp Billy Bob! And it would seem that the two of them have a good racket going, using prostitutes to gain leverage over the powerful and influential. Unfortunately, Billy Bob’s competition seems to think that he’s got an unfair edge and needs to be taken down. A turf war could be in the winds…

Aims: Scum and villainy do not do our jobs for us! That’s why it’s up to us to take down Billy Bob and his crooked pimping empire. I suggest we find him in his den and enter full force, taking out his body guards and hired muscle in the process. Once we’re done that, we’ll make sure he understands that his days of doing business with Darby are over, but not before he hands over all the information he has on the city’s powerful elite. You never know, might come in handy…

Assignements: Panacea, I think you’ll definitely want to run point on this one, as we’re likely to find several girls in need of help once we bust up Bob’s operation. Call me crazy, but I also imagine you’re itching for a shot at him and his henchmen. I will back you up with Inferno, who’s skill will come in handy so we can set his place ablaze when we’re done clearing it. Perhaps we’ll stop by Gus’s restaurant and put a little show for him too after.  Two more volunteers for some added muscle and showmanship ought to do it. Any takers? Take down a vicious pimp people…?

Mission 3: Attorney’s Office For Sale?
Source: Judgement

Profile: It seems we have a wealthy business tycoon who’s been getting cozy with a certain woman in the DA’s office. Were not entirely sure what the nature of this relationship is, but odds are good they aren’t exactly dating!  Then again, perhaps they are, and this is said businessman’s way of finding out what’s going on within. Either way, it almost surely points towards manipulation, coercion, bribery, and/or blackmail.

Aims: This city and its justice system are not for sale! I want surveillance and some answers, so feel free to find this young woman and lean on her a little. We need to know what this corporate bigwig has been asking of her so we can know what to do with him. If there’s a relationship between his office and the DA’s, we need to sever it immediately.

Assignments: Judgement, I can think of no one better to head this one up. And since Veiled Tsunami shares your passion for justice and anti-corruption, I would like her to accompany you. Let these people know that we’re watching, and we won’t tolerate conspiracies of silence or

Alright! We’ve got our assignments, now let’s get it done. And remember people, be careful out there 😉