Revengers Mission #2

Good evening, Revengers. Captain Smackdown here, hope you all had a relaxing weekend, because it seems were back in the thick of it. No sooner had we resolved our little problem with the Councilman and Joey “The Stare” Keithly, that I got another report from one of our field assets.

Our superhero Judgement, aka. Rami Ungar, discovered a link between a dirty business tychoon and a certain woman in the DA’s office. Asked to investigate, alongside Veiled Tsunami, to determine if there was a case for corruption or blackmail, he had this to say:

This is Judgement. I’m not going to mince words, so here we go: when we got to the DA’s office, the businessman was dead and the DA had OD’d. At first, I thought it was a lover’s quarrel gone wrong. But then I found something in the businessman’s shoe: a piece of paper with 3 words: “Princess” and “the Oracle”.

Those words have meaning to me. I’ll have to check in with some friends and see if there’s anything to worry about.

Not good news. Could we have some competition in town? Might this be the work of another crime-fighting superhero squad, one with a looser code of conduct? Or did the DA’s office seek to cover its tracks by eliminating a potential leak? Or was the businessman and the DA’s clerk just the tip of the iceberg?

We need to investigate. Which means putting more souls on this, the moment we have a break in this case. All hands, press your sources for info on the names “Princess” and “Oracle”. Whoever, or whatever, these things are, they are now the only leads we have in a double murder case. Meanwhile, I will get on my sources at the good ol’ PD and see if anyone has turned up anything…

Revengers out!

4 thoughts on “Revengers Mission #2

  1. That’s kind of you, but I have to say, it’s not necessary: “Princess” and “the Oracle” are two positions of leadership within the community of N-Feeds, people like me with powers that rely on emotion as fuel. This smells of the conspiracy that crippled my girlfriend.
    Be careful, because in this case, I’m going to have to go a little Thor and say the community likes to handle it’s own problems, and we rarely trust outsiders. That being said, I think if something comes up, you guys might be able to get in on some action.

  2. rami ungar may very well be right however, it has come to the attention of more than one Revenger that N-Feeds emotional response may be slightly tinged by the said conspiracy that crippled one of its member’s girlfriend… Not to cast aspersions; however we all know that ’emotions’ can, and do, deceive…
    Forgive me rami ungar; I believe you must allow the Revengers a little action here; we will be swift and clear…

  3. Once you guys are done sorting through the deets, and are in need of a little righteous justice, give me a holler and I’m happy to drop in with vengeful force from above!

    Emotions won’t touch me, or slow me down – I wield my Bo with a stone cold heart; talons ripping, teeth gnashing, and a zero tolerance policy for those who have caused harm.

    You sleuth ’em, I’ll gladly slay ’em in the name of the innocent who have suffered!

  4. They have a point Justice. Those of us who are affected may want to help, and those who aren’t could be of use. Besides, we’re not the type to let one of our own take something on alone, especially where it might be personal…

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