In Rememberance of Tiananmen Square

Hello all. I’m not unusually inclined to use my site to talk about things outside the scope of science fiction, but once in a while I feel the need to break from this habit and dedicate my attention to current events. And today is one such day. For those who don’t already know, today is the 23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The day that Communist China chose to respond to a peaceful and democratic demonstration by sending in the tanks and murdering thousands of its own citizens.

And interestingly enough, in mainland China, a few events have culminated to mark the occasion. For starters, Chen Xitong, Beijing’s former mayor and the man who was in charge of the city when the massacre occurred, has released a book in which he expresses “regret” for the so-called crackdown. This book was written from the confines of his cell, as Chen is currently serving a 16 year sentence for corruption. For some, this represents one of the first indications that China might actually be opening up about this past incident and on the road to reform.

But of course, this won’t mean that the truth, the real truth of what happened will be acknowledged anytime soon. Much as in the Soviet Union, it took the collapse of the system for people to have access to the uncensored version of history. What’s more, expressing regret is just another way of saying “were sorry IT happened”, and not in any way an acknowledgment that criminal acts took place or those responsible are being held to account.

What’s more, the actual number of those killed is not likely to be acknowledged anytime soon. Ever since the massacre took place, China’s various administration continue to stick to their “official estimates” which were clearly low-balled. For monsters, this is a typical tactic: diminishing their holocausts wherever they don’t have the option of denying them!

In the meantime, China continues to maintain it’s policy of blatant hypocrisy. Officially, they maintain that the Chinese people remain behind the government and condone its response to the Tienanmen demonstrations. At the same time, the Square has been closed off, their internet censors are forbidding people from looking it up, and numerous activists have been arrested. Of course, they do this every year to mark this anniversary. And it’s really not surprising for a country that spends more on domestic surveillance and security forces than its foreign military to make these kinds of preemptive moves.

But as always, the contradiction is clear: China’s government maintains that it has the support of its people, but its behavior suggests they are scared shitless of them. And you know what, they should be! Because like it or not, the days of China’s Maoist government are numbered. They have tried to bribe their citizenry with economic growth and insisted that their presence is necessary to keep it steady and even, but the truth is, they face an impending catch 22 and know it. The more development they bring, the more outrageous their old world oppression seems. At the same time, they can’t stop developing the country, because that’s the only way they can hold on to power.

So I recommend everyone give the Chinese Communist Party a big ol’ middle finger today by doing what they seem to hate. Speak your mind, express your ideals, use the internet, conduct unfettered research. Be free and be sure to learn what you can about the massacre and China’s situation in today’s world. Information is the weapon, and we need to spread it around! Peace out!