New Movie Trailer: Mockingjay Part I final installment of The Hunger Games trilogy is coming soon. Or, at least the first half of it. And the first trailer has arrived. As you can see from this just-under two minute promo, the revolution that began at the end of Catching Fire is now in full swing. The games are now over, in both the literal and figurative sense, with Katniss and the President openly sparring for the future of Panem.

However, it is also clear that the capitol has Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) in their clutches and is using him to stop the revolution before it spreads. And true to form, Katniss wants to go and rescue him. Man, that guy is truly annoying! He’s like the male version of Bella, another superfluous character who is always in need of rescuing. And worse, the love triangle is becoming disturbingly like that Team Edward/Team Jacob crapfest!

mockingjay-set-photos-16In any case, Julianne Moore is new to this film, playing the role of Alma Coin (leader of the resistance). Liam Hemsworth reprises his role as Gale, Woody Harrelson is back as Haymitch; and of course, Donald Sutherland is back in the austere and hauntingly-voiced role of President Snow. Part I airs this Nov. 21st, and Part 2 won’t be released until sometime in 2015.

Seriously, what’s with these money-grubbing Hollywood producers and YA franchises? First Harry Potter, then Twilight, and now this!

New Movie Trailer: Divergent

DivergentCame across this trailer recently, for the upcoming movie adaptation of the 2011 novel Divergent. And while the trailer does look like impressive, this does seem like a really predictable move on Hollywood’s part. With the recent adaptation of the Hunger Games and Ender’s Game, it was only a matter of time before producers began looking farther afield to find more examples of YA dystopian literature.

In fact, that’s been a subject which I’ve been thinking about quite a lot lately. In terms of sci-fi trends, the past decade has seen a revival of dystopian literature, and the majority of it seems to be aimed at young readers. Not surprising really, seeing as how issues like the “war on terror”, domestic surveillance and NSA data mining have led to a resurgence of fears that humanity could still be living in Big Brother state in the near future.

divergent-iron-on-patches-summit-boothAnd with the rise in publications that appeal to young adult readers – with everything from Twilight to Harry Potter – writer’s began to see just how accessible dystopian tales would be to young readers. And Divergent is certainly no exception to this rule. And just like the Hunger Games, a dystopian society is used as a metaphor to address the issues of teen angst and the struggle to belong.

Basically, the story takes place in a Chicago of the future, where live in a society that is divided into castes and membership is determined when people turn 16. Enter into this Beatrice “Pris” Prior, a young woman with a special mind who undergoes the test designed to determine what caste she belongs to, only to find out that the test failed and she has been declared “Divergent”.

divergent-movie-set-reportThe rest of the movie, as is made clear from the trailer, consists of her joining the resistance – a group composed of “casteless” people (aka. other Divergents) – and waging war against the state. So, a society where people are forced into specialized roles, where those who are different must live in secret or face persecution, and a heroine who rises up to bring down the system… sound like the teenage experience to you?

Yeah, me too. And while some criticize Divergent for being a Hunger Games ripoff, people who actually know their dystopian lit are quick to point out that that book was probably a ripoff of Battle Royale. And in reality, all these books are eating crumbs off the table of Zamyatin, Huxley and Orwell, and the YA angle with all its wish fulfillment is nothing that hasn’t been seen a hundred times before.

Anyhoo, the movie is set for release on March 21st, 2014. Enjoy the trailer!

New Trailer: True Blood, Season Six

true_bloodWhen it comes to shows that seem to love making fans wait, True Blood is in a category reserved for shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Naturally, it takes time to produce big-budget, cable miniseries, especially ones with big name actors, writers, producers and crews who aren’t used to churning out the slop network television specializes in.

Still! It sucks when you find yourself having to repeatedly check IMDB just so you can be reminded how painfully long you have to wait for a new season. Lucky for fans of this and the other aforementioned shows, there appears to be some overlap. TWD just wrapped up season 3, GOT is just half done their third season, and True Blood will be airing on June 16th. So even when one is making us wait, at least one is stepping up to provide.

In any case, True Blood‘s new season promises a lot of things. After last season’s big climax, where Bill Compton drank the blood of Lilith and became some sort of uber-vampire, people were scared. And even though its leaders were mostly killed off, it’s clear that the civil war between Sanguinistas (vampire supremacists) and Integrationists is still raging, with the powers that be intervening and taking the offensive against vampires on all sides.

And then there’s Sookie and her Faerie brethren who find themselves caught in the middle. And the mystery of who killed her folks appears to be nearing revelation, and all other threads showed some hint of further development. In short, plenty of action left to be had…

So if you like vampires, mythical creatures, plenty of gore and nudity, but can’t stand the saccharine tone of Twilight and other YA vampire crap, I recommend checking it out. Now if they could all stop broadcasting new episodes on the same night – Sunday, I’d be in business! Even when you’re just downloaded, it creates a crowded schedule 😉 Enjoy the trailer!

New Trailer: The Host

Behold the trailer for The Host, a science fiction flick based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer – author of the Twilight series. I’ll try not to hold that against this movie! Borrowing from the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this story takes place long after the invasion has taken place and Earth is at peace, even though said peace came at a terrible price. Just about all human beings are now vessels for extra-terrestrial life forms.

But of course, there is a small resistance, human beings who remain free and unoccupied by alien minds and wish to stay that way. After after a young woman is seized and “possessed”, her new alien overlords try to access her memories in the hopes of findings others like her. However, soon her old mind reasserts itself and she escapes their custody, hoping to find her way back to the one she loves.

And of course, a chase follows as the alien bad guys try to reclaim her and force her to forget her love and forgo her human half. Kind of a love conquers all story with an alien possession angle! Enjoy the trailer. Several more have been released since this first one, but I personally found this one the most entertaining!

More Things Geeks Never Say

Hey all, I told you I’d be back with more things you’ll never catch a geek saying. And I am! Yes, a list such as this is not something you can cover in a single post, even if you do permit yourself 15 examples instead of the usual ten. And so I return for another installment, and be warned, but this one is not likely to be the last. And in honor of this year’s Comic Con, I was sure to throw in some rather specific examples.

One thing though. From here on in I thought I’d stick to top 10 lists. They do seem to be the most effective, and the Nostalgia Critic already claimed the whole “Top 11” thing so I won’t be doing that either. And of course, suggestions are always welcome and are sure to make their way into the next list. Kudos to Jeff Whelan for recommending a Jar Jar comment. You read my mind, brotha!

Okay, here we go! Installment the second on things geeks never say:

10. No self-respecting man reads comic books!

9. NaNoWriMo-whatta? That some kind of Japanese anime?

8. No grown man ever wears a costume to a convention! There might be girls there!

7. Outside of Twilight, I really don’t watch anything involving vampires

6. Thank you, but one Robocop movie was enough for me

5. Of course the government isn’t out to get us. What are you, paranoid?

4. Aliens don’t exist. The Bible would say so if they did.

3. Levar Burton? Wasn’t he that guy who was in Roots, and nothing else? 

2. Cesar Romero was the only Joker in MY book!

1. Jar Jar Binks was the best Star Wars character ever!