New Trailer: True Blood, Season Six

true_bloodWhen it comes to shows that seem to love making fans wait, True Blood is in a category reserved for shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Naturally, it takes time to produce big-budget, cable miniseries, especially ones with big name actors, writers, producers and crews who aren’t used to churning out the slop network television specializes in.

Still! It sucks when you find yourself having to repeatedly check IMDB just so you can be reminded how painfully long you have to wait for a new season. Lucky for fans of this and the other aforementioned shows, there appears to be some overlap. TWD just wrapped up season 3, GOT is just half done their third season, and True Blood will be airing on June 16th. So even when one is making us wait, at least one is stepping up to provide.

In any case, True Blood‘s new season promises a lot of things. After last season’s big climax, where Bill Compton drank the blood of Lilith and became some sort of uber-vampire, people were scared. And even though its leaders were mostly killed off, it’s clear that the civil war between Sanguinistas (vampire supremacists) and Integrationists is still raging, with the powers that be intervening and taking the offensive against vampires on all sides.

And then there’s Sookie and her Faerie brethren who find themselves caught in the middle. And the mystery of who killed her folks appears to be nearing revelation, and all other threads showed some hint of further development. In short, plenty of action left to be had…

So if you like vampires, mythical creatures, plenty of gore and nudity, but can’t stand the saccharine tone of Twilight and other YA vampire crap, I recommend checking it out. Now if they could all stop broadcasting new episodes on the same night – Sunday, I’d be in business! Even when you’re just downloaded, it creates a crowded schedule 😉 Enjoy the trailer!

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