Updated Anthology Map!

Hey all. As you may know, my writing and I are busy at work producing an anthology about space travel and colonization. We have our location picked out, the star system Gliese 581. We have a planet, known as Gliese 581 g. We still need more writers, I was hoping for a dozen or so people to contribute to our short story collection. So if you’re a writer and enjoy classic sci-fi, space travel, exoplanets, weird aliens, androids, terraforming, sub-orbital colonies, space elevators, terradome and so forth, let me know and I’ll set you up with a project!

In the meantime, I’ve updated our map of the Gliese 581 to more accurately reflect the planets and the names they will be assigned in our story. Have a gander:

8 thoughts on “Updated Anthology Map!

  1. *Reads comment above* Ummm…okay…

    Anyway, I do love writing science fiction and my knowledge of future technology is quite savy. (Not to brag.) Sign me up.

  2. Funny coincidence. I recently had a short story published called “The Post-human Condition,” where a group of exiles from Earth are heading to Gliese 581. They had a choice: digital consummation, or become redundant relics in a super-fast world. I’m looking forward to reading your anthology.

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