The Walking Dead Viewing Guide

Found this over at, where some smart-ass nerd who obviously knows the comic backwards and forwards thought he’d mock the show. Having never read the comic, I can’t comment on the rightness of this little guide, but let’s just say I intend to now. Being a fan of the show,  much like most people I’ve talked to here on the subject, saying that they are vastly inferior to the comics makes me think that I’m missing something.

But of course its called comedy for a reason. And as I’m sure we are all aware, every franchise geek since the beginning of time has had the same thing to say vis a vis adaptations. In fact, if you were to make a top 10 list of things franchise geeks never say, number one would be “The movie was just as good as the book”… right after, “the prequel was just as  good as the original” and “George Lucas didn’t rape my childhood” 😉

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