New Star Trek Trailer Released!

Star-Trek-JJ-AbramsThe first trailer of the upcoming Star Trek movie, titled Star Trek: Into Darkness, has just hit the airwaves. And if the one minute preview is any indication, it seems that JJ Abrams is sticking to the same combination of carnage and explosions that made the first movie such a hit. Not much is made clear about the exact plot from the trailer, but it does seem to indicate that Earth itself will be threatened by some “awakened evil” intent on getting revenge.

Star Trek geeks, I invite you to plumb this one for some hint as to what the reference material could be. Is Abrams combing the original series for an enemy and a plot arc, or is this something entirely new? Should we all just wait and enjoy the movie when it comes out? Okay then! Enjoy the trailer too…

14 thoughts on “New Star Trek Trailer Released!

      1. Sorry, I meant Gary Mitchell.

        In the convoluted beginning of the show there was the original pilot with Captain Pike, the first episode actually aired, and the pilot with Captain Kirk.

        Gary Mitchell was the antagonist of the pilot with Kirk. He was the helmsman of the Enterprise. When attempting to penetrate the galactic barrier he was changed and began to realize the full potential of the powers of the mind (i.e. telepathy, telekinesis, all the other tele’s). He–and the medical officer who also began to develop powers–began to view other humans as inferior.

  1. Is it just me, or did most of that trailer *not* take place in space? Isn’t Star Trek supposed to be a space movie? Although I think I same an alien planet or two in there, which bodes well 🙂

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