Revengers Mission Update!

revengers_cadillacRevengers! We have received a crucial update from our agent in the field, Panacea, who has made a crucial discovery about the notorious pimp and hoodlum Billy Bob. As our next mission to rid this city of corruption, evil and influence peddling, she managed to tail our quarry as he once again attempted to elude detection. Here is what she found:

Target: Billy Bob
Target: Billy “Pimp Daddy” Bob

The tunnel is just large enough for a Mercedes to park. The two walk the underground tunnels. There’s more than one and they are well used. The homeless, those who have checked out of society, and run away teens live in them. I’ll have to go back and see who I can save.

But for now …

One of the tunnels leads into the basement of St. John’s Cathedral. The two arrive in time for the end of 6 PM mass. They mingle into the crowd and exit with them. They duck down an alley, just avoiding the street camera, and enter the back door at the abandoned paper mill.

They truly want to keep their plans secret.

Seems they are expanding their business. They’re making a new kind of designer drug and are giving it to their girls, in affect, making them slaves. Billy Bob and Gus are also giving the drug away to potential buyers.

They must be stopped!!!!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. They have a small army watching the place. At around 10PM they sneak their way back into the church and head out for their nightclub.

What’s our plan?

Here is what I would suggest: The abandoned paper mill is our target. So far, we have three volunteers – Panacea, Judgement and myself. On the night in question, we will allow them to do their thing, to think that they continue to act with impunity and have not been detected. Obviously, we cannot risk harming the women who are in there, so the strike will have to be surgical and well timed. When they are finished for the night and pack up to leave, that is when we’ll make our move.

Secure Billy Bob, evacuate the factory, and then we set it to blow! No trace of those designer drugs can be allowed to survive. And with Billy Bob in our custody, I’m sure we can “persuade” him to surrender all the details we’ll need to wrap up his dirty little business. That will include his partnership with the “respectable” Gus Darby, the restauranteur who’s been dipping his pen in Bob’s dirty ink. Here too, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of stories to tell us before we convince him to leave town forever…

And lets not forget the denizens who live in the tunnel. If help can be arranged for them, then we must see to it that they are evacuated to some place that can provide housing and proper care. If not, well… no one need know of their little home once we’ve taken care of Bob, right? One question, Panacea… how sure are we that the people of St. John’s Cathedral aren’t involved?

4 thoughts on “Revengers Mission Update!

    1. Question the good Father, and determine he’s innocent. And if so, then let’s enlist his help. He needs to know who’s wandering into his basement on a regular basis, and I’m thinking he’ll want to put an end to it. He doesn’t need to do much, just wear a wire and signal us when they pass through.

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