Quick, Here come the running dead…!

Remember, Rule 1 is Good Cardio!

The Grinning Skull

I have done plenty of zombie related stuff in my time, from zombie themed LARP and airsoft events, and even some promo TV for a pub chain back in the day, but as we all know the undead are very “in” at the present. With every passing week there seems to be another madcap zombie idea comes to light that is meant to engage us fans of the genre and get us involved ready for the apocolypse.

This idea has been imported from the states to the shores of the UK in an attempt to make us a bit fitter and faster for the forthcoming zombie invasion. A zombie run!

The thought is that in these events, that we should get our running shoes on and peg it as fast as we can from the newer breed of faster more deadly undead toward the designated safe zone of the…

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