Big News!

zombie-attackGood news from the my small corner of the indie publishing world. My latest book, Whiskey Delta has just sold over 500 copies, including ebooks and paperback! Yaaaaay! And what excites me about this is the fact the vast majority of those sales happened since the 21st of April. That means that over 400 books were moved in the last two weeks. I can only assume that this means the popularity of it is growing.

And to add to the good news ball, I got another four-star review, which in addition to being nice, put the book’s overall rating back to 3 and a half stars. Once again, the reviewer was sure to mention quality of story combined with poor editing. I’ll let him tell you:

FINALLY! A zombie story where the US Military is not hopelessly inept, but is instead taking the war to the enemy and doing a damn good job. I choose to look past the vast amount of editing needed… and instead focus on a kick-butt military adventure during a zombie apocalypse. Fun, exciting, great action, and characters that you get to know and even care about–what more can I say? Buy it, enjoy it, ignore the typos and other errors and just get into one of the better examples of military adventure/zombie apocalypse cross-overs out there.

Now that was exactly the kind of review I was looking for! And rest assured, sir, the editing is being done! I’ve managed to clean up three chapters so far and noticed that the most glaring mistakes seemed to be in the first chapter itself. Not good! Not good at all… But rest assured, the 2nd edition will be clean, and the second book immaculate! I’m taking steps right now to procure a professional editor so the quality of my books won’t be left in my (incapable) hands!

12 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. I can’t find the words to express how proud I am of your achievements with Whiskey Delta. You are such a prolific and intelligent author and I wish you continued success. On the flip side, I am experiencing a bit of writerly envy. I hope that I can emulate your successes. I could never measure up to your level of productivity and I couldn’t even try. Its inhuman. Kudos Awesome Sauce!

    1. I know how you feel. Up until very recently, I was totally beginning to think I would never measure up to Amanda Hocking or other indie millionaires, and I was beginning to resent them a little. Nowhere near their level of success yet (not hardly!), but I was happy to see people actually buying my books for a change. And I know that with your talent, its only a matter of time for you too. And heck, I plan to establish a company and make things happen for more people like us! How’d you like a chair on the board?

      1. It is a fantasy story about a pretty inept sellsword who stumbles onto a sword made by a famed swordsmith that he thinks makes him kill people (and with far more skill than he previously displayed). It needs a LOT of editing still but I really like it so hopefully I will be posting something soon.

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