World War Z: Novel vs. Movie

worldwar_zI’ll admit right off the bat that I haven’t seen the movie yet. But having bought the book recently and delved into it, I could tell right away when the previews hit that director Marc Forster and his crew of writers had no intention of following it at all. Sure, it looked like it good be exciting, and a good shoot em movie, but calling it an “adaptation” seemed like a stretch at best.

If anything, it appeared that Max Brook’s awesome and thoughtful story about a man who is going around the world and assembling post-facto oral accounts about the zombie apocalypse – how and where it began, what the signs were, how people survived – was little more than a guideline for a big budget disaster flick. If there was any doubt, the fact that Brad Pitt was cast as the lead silenced them all in a nanosecond.

Luckily, stuff like this allows other people to come up with good satire. Case in point, this infographic created by the folks over at The Oatmeal. In addition to providing all kinds of funny, happy ecards, infographics and jokes, they are also a place where one can pledge money for the new Arkyd program – the crowdfunded telescope you can have you picture placed on for $25.

world_warz_infoHere, they show the movie and book as two spheres, indicating that they overlap in one important way: they have the same name! Yep, that’s it. In every other capacity, except for the fact that it involves a zombie apocalypse and Brad Pitt’s character loosely resembles the narrator in the book, the movie and book could not be more different.

Personally, I think I’ll see it anyway. Maybe not in the theater, but it might be a good candidate for rental or Netflix. The wife thinks it looks like fun and I know that my curiosity won’t be satisfied until I witness this “adaptation” firsthand. Peace out, and go for the brain!


3 thoughts on “World War Z: Novel vs. Movie

  1. I’m not much of a zombie fan, and I’m definitely NOT a Brad Pitt fan, so I’m probably not going to see the movie. Mostly because of Brad Pitt. I’d rather have my brains eaten by zombies than see a movie with him it.

    It seems like a cop-out on the part of Hollywood to use the title of the book but not use the storyline as a basis for the movie. Does Hollywood have such a lack of creativity that they can’t find a writer to adapt the book to film?

    The reason they cast Brad Pitt is because he has experience with zombies. After all, look at Angelina. Totally a zombie. And you know she’s eaten his brain.

    1. Oh, bazing! And yes, the decision to cast him seems like nothing more than a cynical box office draw. But then again, making a zombie movie at all is proof of that. And since they can’t adapt a thoughtful book like World War Z into something “shoot-em-up”-y, they’re resorting to a loosely-adapted action movie with family drama. Quite transparent.

      Tell me, why don’t you like Brad Pitt? I don’t either, but I’d like to hear a woman’s point of view on this so-called “sexiest man alive”.

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