The Walking Dead Issue 114!

Walking-Dead-114-CoverAll I can say is… finally! After another month and a half of waiting, and feeling pretty let down by the last issue, the final issue of Volume 19 is out! And it’s a good thing too. It’s pretty rare when the source material begins to seem like the show it was made into, but the last few issues/volumes of The Walking Dead have been dragging out in such a way that I was seriously beginning to think I was watching the show instead.

(**Spoilers ahead!**)

walking-dead-volume-19But that’s to be expected, given that the name of Volume 19 is March to War. Including issues 109 to 114, it covers  – at length – all the preparations Rick and his people are making, alongside the other communities, to prepare for war with their nemesis Negan. And in issue 112, foreseeing an opportunity, Rick jumped the gun and accidentally triggered things a bit prematurely.

Luckily, things worked out and his bacon was saved. This occurred in issue 113 and 114, where Andrea managed to avoid getting herself killed and “Jesus” and his pals showed up in time to scare Negan’s thugs off. However, Negan and what was left of his crew made it away and got back to his own headquarters, announcing to his many thugs that they were going to war.

walking-dead-volume-20Volume 20, titled All Out War (and which will include issues 115-126), will begin on October 9th (great, another month of waiting!). And after all the buildup, and the big ol’ inciting event that took place in the last two issues, we’re finally gonna get to see some war and hopefully watch Negan get his ass kicked! Or maybe he’ll win and all the characters we’ve come to know and love – those that remain – will die horribly!

But if I were a betting man, I would say that a combination of both is likely to occur. After all, it’s The Walking Dead, people! Things never end happily. They just go on and on…

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Issue 114!

  1. I just finished reading #114 and I was all jazzed when I thought Negen was finally going to get it. Then he didn’t we have to wait again. Sheesh. I want that freak gone.
    A couple of points about character development. Carl worries me. Little bad boy. Would like to see Michonne get some happiness, peace, and retribution. Would have preferred to see her with Rick than Ezekiel. I mean why? Not a good match.
    I didn’t think for a second that Andrea was dead.

    1. I’ve often wondered that. I mean Rick and Andrea seem alright, mainly out of the time they’ve known each other at this point. But if their raison d’etre is that they keep surviving, Michonne would make a perfect match too. And they also have the added quirk of how they both talk to their deceased lovers.

      Oh yeah, and after issue 113, I thought for sure Andrea would recover and shoot Negan before he could kill anyone with his beloved bat. Kind of surprised she didn’t open fire again.

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