Could it be that the reason we are confronted by the “Great Silence” is that advanced civilizations are being wiped out? This is the essence of the Berserker Hypothesis, inspired by science fiction, but rooted in scientific theory. It combines the concept of von Neuman Probes, nanotechnology, and the idea that the greatest threat to advanced life is itself!

2 thoughts on “Episode Six: The Berserker Hypothesis

  1. I love how you talk about these things. If some machine based species is wiping out advanced civilisations it’s probably a good thing, on balance. For all the non advanced species, such as marsupial rats, that advanced civilisations tend to bulldoze.

    1. Hey, it’s been a while! How are you? And thanks for listening! You raised an important point about this, which is the possibility that berserker probes could be great preservationists. By taking down species that could become expansionist and keep other life forms from developing, they could be doing less-advanced species (like ourselves) a favor.

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