Crashland – Chapter 9, now appearing at Story Time!

Apocalyptic soldiers it is! Last time, Crashland ended with a tough call. Who were the mystery men who had saved Holden and were now seeking his help? The choice was a toss-up, cybercops, apocalyptic soldiers, or terrorists? Audiences voted and were clear that they wanted.

And now, the big revelation is happening over at Story Time. Holden is being shown just what it means to be a soldier who’s duty is in dealing with the end of days. He’s also being asked to make a choice. And it seems there’s one last surprise in store for him…

Come on by and vote once more! Chapter 10 is on the way, more revelations, and some big time action to follow. And be sure to check out our newest member Leif Notae and his fantasy tale, Craster’s Web of Deceit.

One thought on “Crashland – Chapter 9, now appearing at Story Time!

  1. Hey, you who had 15 thousand hits, I got over 200 hits this month. So watch your back, Matt, I’m catching up. ;0)

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