The Future is Here: Invisbility Cloaks!

Well, almost here. But according to this news segment from the Associated Press, the technology for an invisibility cloak may not be far off. Scientists working at the University of Berkley are working on a suit that would be capable of bending light around it, and are getting close to some viable results. If made available to the US army and other armed services, this technology would go a long way to making the concept of Future Solider truly futuristic! Soldiers would be able to enter the field of battle virtually invisible and be able to reveal themselves only after they’ve killed the enemy – Predator style!

The video goes on to state that the technology is already in use, as evidenced by some insurgent’s video which was taken inside Iraq. Draw your own conclusions, I have little to say about that other than that it seems clearly fake. Video hoaxes are nothing new and the posters word that he has run it through filters and has not tampered with it are hardly sacrosanct. My main concern is the development of this technology and how it might very well become feasible in the next few years.

Imagine, a whole platoon of digital soldiers who are able to activate cloaking shields and patrol city streets, completely unseen. Does this frighten you, because it scares the shit out of me! In addition to making soldiers that much more lethal, it’s also likely to give whichever army that is in possession of the technology a massive edge over every other country in the world and trigger a whole new level of arms races. As it stands, Russia and China are already pushing to keep up with the US and most Western European nations on the Future Soldier front. The addition of stealth suits is likely to take that to a whole new level…

Man the future is scary sometimes! Is it wrong of me to smell another novel idea when I think of this ;)?

18 thoughts on “The Future is Here: Invisbility Cloaks!

  1. What’s truly scary is this kind of tech in criminals’ hands. How about getting mugged by a bunch of invisible guys? And would the police ever be able to catch them?

  2. What’s really scary is this kind of tech ending up in the hands of criminals. Imagine getting mugged by a bunch of people you can’t see… is it even possible to catch them afterwards? The perspectives are bleak…

  3. All Harry Potter and Predator jokes aside, it really does scare me how fast technology is progressing, and its implications. Anyway, for the idea of an invisiibilty cloak, if you’re gonna include it in a novel, it can’t be a regular cloak; Harry Potter ruined that idea.

    1. Yes, the term cloak would be metaphorical, like cloaking device. The real genius is weaving it into suit fibers that can be activated by an electrical current. The same is true of Future Soldier armor, material that is flexible but will harden when it gets a charge.

      1. oh, imagine this: a guy steps out of the office one day wearing full suit and tie, but his attire is an invisibilty cloak enhanced suit! He just turns it on and everyone on the street sees nothing but a floating head! And he’s like “Hi, how are you today?”
        That’d be freaking hilarious!

      2. Oh yes, scaring little children and unsuspecting strangers, until they reveal that this is considered a common prank since the technology is so readily available. And friends could an intervention. “Bob, you’ve got to stop spying on women in the locker rooms, it’s indecent!”

      3. Well yeah, but that’s kind of the point. Wrongness can equal funny in the right context. And yes, it’s totally ripped from Peter Griffin in the locker room. You know, where he’s hiding behind a tiny piece of wood with an eye hole. “Whoop! They spotted me!”

      4. it was that episode, funnily enough, that made me decide to take a Women & Gender Studies Course my first quarter in college. That is still one of my favorite courses today.

  4. Go search for “adaptive camouflage.” A buddy of mine has a cousin in the delta force who says they’ve had suits that work like the Predator suit for years.

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