Source, Now Available for Free until Nov.1st!

Good news everybody! At least, that’s how Professor Farnsworth would put it. My first novel, entitled Source, is now available for free through Smashwords until November 1st. As my first work of fictioni, it deals with a concept very near and dear to my heart: apocalyptic sci-fi!

In fact, the entire novel was inspired by a short story project I did with my old writer’s group – The Herscher Project – back in 2005. The theme was dark futures, and I used the opportunity to experiment with an idea that was kind of big news for the time.

If interested, go by and download Source for your Kindle or ereader. Be sure to enter the coupon code: KY62K in the appropriate box, and get your copy for free! Note the old school cover, I’ve since updated that of course.

7 thoughts on “Source, Now Available for Free until Nov.1st!

    1. You mean by a publisher? Or just in paperback? If the latter, than it is, but you gotta order it through a separate company. If you mean the former, haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve been saying?! Publishers are dead, man! Take the reigns, self-pub all the way! Sorry, got a bit high on my own propaganda there…

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