Plurality: A Concept Movie

Just found this on IO9, a new 14 minute concept movie about the future of New York City. According to the film, it’s 2023, and the introduction of a brand new technology – the Betham Grid – has made things like credit cards, ID cards, and keys obsolete. In essence, the Grid is a massive DNA scanner and social network, with readouts on every public surface in the city. Touch a door, a hand rail, or even a wall, and the Grid reads your DNA, identifies you and pinpoints your location.

Naturally, this has simplified life in many respects. In others, it turned NYC into something of a “Big Brother” state. Crime has dropped to previously unheard of levels, identity theft has become impossible, but the right to privacy remains in a state of limbo. And befitting all potentially dystopian scenarios, there’s a twist, which is alluded to in the name. Ultimately, the question remains, what is the ultimate cost of safety?

Take a look, and take note of all the attention to detail that runs throughout. Director Dennis Lui was sure to incorporate as many examples of futuristic technology as possible, from holographic display glass, to cars with Heads-Up Displays, to augmented reality glasses. The production values are also very impressive.

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