The Superhero Challenge

Earlier today, my wife and I started having a conversation. It was one of those moments where an idea pops into your head, totally irrelevant and unimportant, but fun nonetheless. I asked her, if she could be a superhero and have her choice of three superhero abilities, what would they be. Come to think of it, it doesn’t seem that irrelevant does it? I mean, let’s face it. We’ve all dreamed about being superheroes at one time or another, haven’t we? To have superhuman abilities that would allow us to fight crime, save the world, or just beat people up and make us feel big.

So based on the assumption that there are other people out there who think like I do and have actually dedicated some thought to this question, I have prepared the following list. The goal here is to pick the three abilities that you think would make an ideal, well-rounded, or at least interesting superhero. Remember, you only get three, so choose wisely (and please note that the following list is merely the product of superheroes that I can recall and is by no means complete):

  1. Ability to Fly
  2. Acrobatics
  3. Advanced Technology (i.e. Ironman suit)
  4. Alien Technology (i.e. Green Lantern)
  5. Animal Control
  6. Babel Ear (understand any language)
  7. Camouflage
  8. Cybernetics
  9. Elasticity
  10. Elemental Control (weather)
  11. Energy Absorption
  12. Energy Emission (i.e. shoot energy from your body)
  13. External Shell
  14. Fire control
  15. Gadgets
  16. Godhood (i.e. Thor, Loki)
  17. Guns (i.e. Punisher)
  18. Gills
  19. Healing (others)
  20. Heat vision
  21. High-tech vehicles (i.e. Batmobile, Batjet, etc)
  22. Inertia (i.e. Juggernaut)
  23. Invincibility
  24. Invisible means of conveyance
  25. Invisibility
  26. Mad Fighting Skills
  27. Magnetism
  28. Multiplication (ability to make many of you)
  29. Precognitive
  30. Regeneration (self)
  31. Suggestion (i.e. mind control)
  32. Super Smarts
  33. Super Speed
  34. Super Strength
  35. Telepathy
  36. Teleportation
  37. Telekinesis
  38. Transmutation (shape shifting)
  39. Vampirism
  40. X-ray vision

Good! Now that you’ve selected your three abilities, it’s time to pick a name. What monicker best represents your hero, your abilities, and your particular manifesto. Is it truth, justice and the American Way (holy cliche, Batman!), fighting crime and protecting the citizens of your city (now that’s Batman!), or terrorizing the piddly folk and making them piss your pants at the sheer sight of your face (that sounds like the Joker)? Once again, be sure to choose wisely. The right kind of name can make your career, the wrong kind of name can make you a pariah!

37 thoughts on “The Superhero Challenge

  1. 1. The ability to fly….
    2. None of the others stand out, Matt… I have had many ‘flying dreams’. There is such freedom in flight… So, I believe that this one would do me…! šŸ˜‰
    The “Freedom Fighter’ – Flies Again….! (You will have to imagine music now portraying a ‘soaring across the sky’ woman in heels…) I wouldn’t go anywhere without my heels, Matt….

    1. Hmmm, I think you should add Mad Fighting Skills and or Super Strength to that mix, just so your ass-kicks truly get those bums in the air! Also, backstory, costume, and catchphrase. And then you’ll be good to go!

  2. I would say invincibility puts you ahead of the game immediately. It doesn’t matter how many weapons, or how much tech or intelligence your foe has if you just can’t be killed. Ask the Hulk if you don’t believe me. With a 2-year-old’s command of the English language and a pair of purple shorts, he’s done alright for himself.

    Then I’d combine items 5 and and 27 on your list to create a new blended super weapon: irresistable super charged “animal magnetism.” Of course, I received this power when bitten by a radioactive Enrique Iglesias.

  3. 14. Fire Control – For offense and defense
    30. Regeneration – in case you get injured
    37. Telekinesis – make yourself fly

    Great question. I’ve often thought be able to control heat was a great power. You could use it to vaporize things, create a shield around you that vaporizes any material object trying to penetrate it. Suck the heat out of the room to freeze it while increasing your strength. Create heat currents around you to make you fly.

    I’ve never understood the infatuation with just flying. Flying without an additional power or being incredibly fit doesn’t do much for you.

    Moniker: Blaze (Good Guy), Bonfire (Anti-Hero), Inferno (Bad Guy)

    1. Now how about a costume to match all that fire? Something in bright oranges, yellows and reds, possibly neon? And then we need a bio, something involving fire and chemicals I’m guessing, and a catchphrase…

  4. Hmmm…I want laser eyes. And to ride a T-Rex. Weather control would be awesome. Is it tied to my mood? If so I’d be like the rain god from H2G2. It’d just rain on me all the time…

    Okay…focus Greentree…

    Laser eyes, ride a T-Rex, have a Red Sharpie of Justice! For I am Typos the Great and Terrible! I will strike out all your misplaced apostrophes! Fear my Awk! Fear me!

  5. Energy Absorption, Energy Emission, and Telekinesis. I would be the ultimate warrior, Belial. With my power, I would seek out those who corrupt this world for their own greed and sin and teach them what happens when you try to make this world your own playground.
    Mwa ha ha ha!

  6. I wish you would have had this list when I was writing Sirus Bandai. It would have helped immensely. It was hard enough coming up with wacky names.

    I’d like invisibility, mad fighting skills, and super strength. I’d be called….Erotica Girl. I’d have a cool costume too. šŸ˜‰

      1. Good job. Drop my name, I’m kind of a big deal over there šŸ˜‰ Also, any desire to take part in my anthology? We could use a romantic twist on our science fiction, you know…

  7. Anytime this discussion came up, I’ve always wanted Flying, Invisibility, and Telepathy. I’ve never got to pick three before! I’m not sure of a name. But the backstory for the character was always something revenge-based. Attacked, left for dead, waking up with abilities, using the abilities to try to find her attackers and saving other people from the same fate while on that mission.

    1. How about something that captures the “I remember” aspect of her vengeance? I got it! Remembro! No… that’s silly. Recall? Still silly. Lady Vengeance? Lady Justice? Reciprico? How about just Lady Phoenix since you’ve risen again, stronger than before?

      1. Lady Vengeance makes me think of a very disturbing, very violent, trilogy of Japanese Horror movies. Lady Justice sounds like she should be running around in a Grecian robe. Justyka, or better, shorten it to Styka, creates a fun and intersting spelling.

  8. I choose 28, 29 & 32 although in some cases precognition stems from being super smart, right? Anyway, my job is in the city of Toluca and my house (where I live with my girlfriend) is in Queretaro (about 150 miles away) so we only meet on weekends. Multiplicating myself would allow me to stay longer hours at work, being at the library, visit my parents (Mexico City, about 60 miles away from Toluca and in the opposite direction of Queretaro) and spending more time with my girlfriend.
    My name is Joaquin and most people call me Joaco, so I guess my super hero name would be “Joaco!”, get it? factorial? as in Joaco!=Joacox(Joaco-1)x(Joaco-2)x…x2x1
    he he snort snort

    Have a nice day!

    1. Not bad. In fact, the multiplication thing and precog thing kind of go together too, right? Being in many places at once means you basically have access to different quantum states. And being able to manipulate yourself this way means you can foresee different outcomes. Is that mindblowing, or am I totally missing the concept here? I have a feeling you understand this better than I do.

      In either case, it’s a cool character. I just need three more things from you, your costume description, a short bio, and a catchphrase.

  9. 4. Alien Technology
    7. Camouflage
    32. Super Smarts / 35. Telepathy

    Moniker: The Veiled Tsunami (antihero)

    The Veiled Tsunami is a fighter for justice for the elderly, the young, and the economically challenged. She apprehends thieves, cheats, and swindlers who take advantage of the most disadvantaged. She used covert means to expose illegal activities to the authorities and when the authorities fail to enact justice she takes matters into her own hands. She is willing to use violence and even threat of death (or real near death) to punish the guilty. AS she works outside of the law she has been called a vigilante, but…this works for her.
    Her motto is: “You won’t see me coming but I will blow you down.”

    1. Nice! You can split the difference and say that the alien technology IS your camouflage. Like the Predator Cloak, or some kind of “chameoloflage” that makes you blend in perfectly to your environment. That’ll leave you free to have both super smarts AND telepathy, or you could grab super strength. I think you might need that for all that justice slinging!

  10. I’m a bit of a nonviolent activist, so my three would have to be teleportation, healing & elasticity. I tend to find indestructible heroes that you can’t track easily more enticing that Ramboes.

      1. How about Pax? I like the name, its succinct and even sounds a little badass even though it means peace. Now you just need a backstory and a catchphrase, and don’t forget the costume. I was thinking something blue, possibly with a UN like map of the Earth on it.

  11. There were five I’d like to have — at least, but only three …
    For the fun of it, Ability to Fly and Acrobatics.
    To help others, Ability to Heal.
    A name is more difficult. Have to think on it.

  12. Regeneration, Super Speed, and Super Strength. I would be INVINCIBLE!!!! That could also be my super hero name. INVICIBLE!!!! (Note: the four exclamation marks are part of the name)

  13. Telepathy and super strength. I would call my self Predator and be a super villain. I would use my telepathy to control peoples mind and my super strength to beat people up.

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