The Future is Here: The Chevy EN-V

chevy_envImagine a future where cars never crash, never break down, can be dispatched automatically to pick people up, and emit no carbon whatsoever. Well, that’s the idea behind the Chevy EN-V, an “Electric Networked Vehicle” that represents GM’s concept for a next-generation automobile that combines green technology and wireless networking.

Currently under development by General Motors, the vehicle combines four major features, all of which have been in the works for some time. These include autonomous driving, an electric engine, hydrogen fuel cells and mobile applications. Whereas most hybrid vehicles today rely on a combination of gas and electric power cells, this vehicle intends to do away with petroleum altogether.

What’s more, systems such as adaptive cruise control, side blind zone warning and automatic park assist are combined with a new advanced communication technology that allows for the first, fully-autonomous drive in history. Not only is this machine able to drive itself with the passenger in the vehicle, it is capable of being dispatched to an address and driving itself. In short, no driver necessary!

And finally, there’s networking features such as OnStar’s RemoteLink, Chevrolet MyLink, Buick and GMC IntelliLink and Cadillac CUE, all of which comes standard on the vehicle. These allow the driver to obtain directions, remotely lock the doors, and get up to date maintenance and fuel specifications, either through the dashboard display or through their smartphone. These effectively allow the driver to interface with the vehicle through their smartphone.

And it’s a timely creation, given mounting concerns over climate change and the proliferation of wireless technology and applications. And might I say, it’s about freaking time! It seems like only yesterday that GM was doing all it could to bury this kind of technology, buying up the patents and making sure they were staying on the shelf, or electing people who would make sure it wouldn’t see the life of day for another few years. Guess their finally seeing the writing on the wall!


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