Movie Trailer Monday: Riddick!

riddick_vin_dieselGuess what? In this new age of reboots, relaunches and reimaginings, it seems that not a single cult classic is immune. Case in point, the eponymously named sequel Riddick, which is set for release in early September of 2013. Though there are minimal hints provided concerning the plot of this third installment, it seems clear at this point that Riddick is once again on the run from mercenaries and ends up on a planet teeming with hostile life.

Going back to their origins, I take it? Personally, I would prefer seeing what happened after Riddick took control of the entire Necromonger army. And if some tells me this is what followed, i.e. he chose to ditch all that and go back on the run, I’ll totally write this movie off! You can’t tell me he likes being hunted by mercs and living hand to mouth THAT much! I mean there’s recidivism and then there’s just plain dumb!

Enjoy the clip!

5 thoughts on “Movie Trailer Monday: Riddick!

  1. I want to confess something here.
    I love Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick.
    I know that Chronicles was a pretty bad movie, and I know that Diesel is not the awesomest actor but I love the movies. I watch Pitch Black at least one or twice a week. I even use it sometimes to help set the writing mood (depending on what I am working on). I have the soundtrack. I love the character, serious taciturn, frightening not-so-very-bad, bad guy who cares deeply and is far deeper than anyone ever gave him credit for. My favorite kind of character, misunderstood, mysterious, deep as a well.
    I’ve read the book (Chronicles). I love the art and the premise of Dark Fury, the animated segue between the two movies.
    That said, I’m not altogether certain that I am looking forward to this next movie. I am suspicious of sequels. It’s like the first high, you can never truly duplicate it and the more you try, the worse it gets. I’m not interested in seeing Riddick evolve, I like him as he is. Why won’t the industry leave well enough alone? There have got to be some new ideas out there.

    1. Hey, I liked them too! Sure, the acting and scripting wasn’t always the best, but the concept was cool, the world-building showed great potential, and I too loved his badass attitude! I would like to see more of him, but I think the animated feature film and video games have the right idea. Develop the stuff in between the movies, expand the universe some.

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