Epic Rap Battles of History – Science Edition

epic_rap_battlesIt occurs to me that I really haven’t given the ERB site its due over the years. They’ve provided me with endless hours of enjoyment and all I ever did was post about one of their videos. Granted, I have nowhere near the kind of following that would needed to actually give their traffic a shot in the arm, but it’s the thought that counts!

And so I thought I’d a little compilation here of some of their funniest, and educational, videos. Whether it was the match ups between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (made shortly after Jobs death as a tribute to his life), Einstein and Stephen Hawking, or Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, these guys have shown a real commitment to their art and are clearly willing to do their homework!


Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates:

Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking:

Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla:

Note: Though I am well aware of their existence, I have assiduously avoided posting the videos of Darth Vader vs. Adolph Hitler. Though I found them hilarious, such material is bound to offensive to some. Although, if people were willing to give me permission… 😉 😉

7 thoughts on “Epic Rap Battles of History – Science Edition

    1. What!!! I haven’t seen that one yet. And while we’re on the subject, did you see HItler vs. Darth Vader? Offensive, yes, but at least they both end with Hitler getting killed… or at least frozen in carbonite.

      1. That’s it, I’m posting both their battles, and the Doctor Who one too! We’ll call it the Sci-Fi edition, which will be appearing between this one and the History one!

      2. Ooh, I like it! And if you’re going to do History, also include Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespeare, the Wright Bros vs. the Mario Bros, Lance Armstrong vs. Babe Ruth, and Rasputin vs. Stalin.

      3. Yep, all of them, plus Moses vs. Santa Clause and Adam vs. Eve. Sure, not exactly historical figures all, but historical allegories and cultural figures count too, right?

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