So the other day I got to thinking about the writing schedule I recently committed to – you know, by signing a publishing contract and all that! In between worrying about whether or not I would be able to deliver a second book to my publisher just months after the first book was published, I began thinking about the long term. Just what is my schedule going to look like for the next year, or couple years?

And from that, I began thinking about all the books I would like to write in the near future and when I’d be getting around to writing them. The way I saw it, it would look something like this:

September/Fall 2017:  The Cronian Incident (Lovelock series #1)

November/Dec 2017: The Jovian Manifesto (Lovelock series #2)

Summer 2018: Reciprocity (standalone)

Fall 2018: The Frost Line Accord (Lovelock series #3)

Spring/Summer 2019: Transverse (standalone, Lovelock Universe)

Other Ideas: Yuva, Flash Forward (anthologies) Missives, Sovtag Barko (standalones)

As you can see, the first step in that process is to finish writing the sequel to The Cronian Incident, known as The Jovian Manifesto. These books, and the proposed third installment (The Frost Line Accord) are all part of what I have chosen to call the Lovelock series, since the events in these books sort of revolve around a location known as Sarak Lovelock (a facility that orbits Mars).

In between the second and third installment in this series, I also want to tackle an idea I came up with a few years ago. Titled Reciprocity, this story takes place in the near future and deal with issues like wealth, poverty, displacement, surveillance and cyber-security in a world that is beset by climate change and the impending Technological Singularity.

After that, and wrapping up the Lovelock series, I want to move onto some new ideas. These include a standalone novel called Transverse, which takes place aboard a generation ship that is making the journey to another star system. This story takes place in the Lovelock universe and involves a faction that is mentioned in the series, but not yet heard from (they’re called the Seedlings).

Somewhere in between all that (or possibly after) there are some other ideas I want to explore. One is called Missives, which is an idea I am working on with the help of Professor Philip Lubin. In addition to being an expert who’s consulted with NASA on various directed-energy concepts (i.e. lasers), Lubin is one of the masterminds behind Breakthrough Starshot, a program that seeks to create a lasersail-driven nanocraft that could make the trip to Alpha Centauri in just 20 years.

Artist’s impression of Breakthrough Starshot. Credit: Breakthrough Initiatives

In the past, I’ve had the honor of interviewing Dr. Lubin a few times for Universe Today. And a little while ago, I spoke to his colleague (Travis Bradshears) about their plans to send a digital archive aboard any nanocraft that makes the journey to a distant star system (called Voices of Humanity). Travis contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a story about it. And as I told him, that is something I would definitely be interested in pursuing!

And of course, there’s also the two anthologies I need to get finished. The first is the Yuva anthology, which several friends and I have been working on for years. We are very close to the finish now, and as soon as I can get all the submissions into a single, edited volume, we can launch that baby! Second, there’s my personal anthology of short stories called Flash Forward. That’s been done, but in need of editing, for some time.

And last, there’s a collaboration project my friend and colleague Paco suggested a few months ago. At the time, he told me about a fictional universe he had created years ago. In this story, humanity expanded into the cosmos to create an interstellar empire, but then suffered a collapse. Centuries later, the known-Universe has been carved up into a series of realms controlled by warlords, and one of the most lucrative businesses is in salvaging ancient technology.

The main characters in this story are a group of salvagers who stumble upon an ancient device that could very well tip the balance of power in the known Universe. It doesn’t really have a title yet, but I suggested the name Sovtag Barko – an amalgam of Creole and Filipino that basically means “smuggling vessel”. We’ll have to see what we can do with that one!

Beyond that, no real plans! But then again, plans are pretty much useless aren’t they? Nothing ever goes according to them, but that doesn’t make the art of planning any less crucial.

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