Crashland – Chapter 8, coming soon!

Things are once again picking up for the people of Crashland! The votes have once again come in and the readers have spoken. And as a result, Chapter 8 is on the way! Which means that the mysteries which have building since the beginning will soon be revealed.

But first, allow me to recap. Last time, the stories protagonist, William Holden, awoke to find himself in an abandoned subway with a group of strange men. His wounds were treated, and they wanted to know who he was. With the city degenerating into chaos, they were understandably reluctant to let just anyone in their camp and give them food, medicine and their trust. Holden knew that depending on what he told them, he might just be allowed to stay, or shot!

After telling them that he was a fictitious employee working for his own company (a lie), the one named Jacobs informed him that the city above them had descended into hell. Whatever hopes Holden had of finging aid and comfort, not to mention his family, were in vain. Holden didn’t take the news too well and began to experience a breakdown. This left Jacobs and his companions with a tough choice to make.

Jacobs boss, a man named Kurzweil, revealed that they knew who Holden really was and needed his help. The chapter ended before their identities could be revealed, but two things were clear: whatever they’ve got planned, it sounds big. And whoever they are, they mean business! In the next chapter, more will be revealed. How the world went to hell, who caused the infopocalypse, and how some plan to rebuild it.

So please, come on by and check it out. And, as usual, stay around to vote on what you want to see happen! It’s all happening over at Story Time!

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