Future Timeline

This has been sitting in my box of ideas for quite some time, a website that produces videos dedicated to predicting future trends. Awhile back, I came across it while searching on the subject of the Technological Singularity, and was pretty intrigued by what I saw. Not only was this website dedicated to predicting major technological developments in the near future, the ones that would culminate in the Singularity, but was even considering humanity’s prospects as a species in the far, far future. After taking a look around I thought to myself: “truly, this is the stuff of speculative science-fiction.”

To get a breakdown of what the makers of this site predict, check out the videos posted below, as compiled by HayenMill at Youtube. A self-professed amateur historian and futurist, HayenMill took the liberty of combining the Future Timeline predictions, year by year, covering the three decades that will take us from the beginning of 2010 to 2040, by which time all the current trends of the world will reach a full, fevered pitch. These include the problems of overpopulation, climate change, the shift of economic power from the US to Asia, and the growth of information, medical, and bio technology, as well as the development of AI and commercial spaceflight.

Check them out, and for a more detailed breakdown of future events, go to futuretimeline.net. Trust me when I say that the group’s predictions range far and wide, but which are also highly detailed, at least when pertaining to this century! You can take me at my word when I say that I will be doing my best to incorporate as many of these ideas as possible into my own writing!



11 thoughts on “Future Timeline

    1. Uh oh… truth be told, I only ever saw the first episode and never got on the wagon. It’s one of those things, where you can never seem to get on because you know you’ll be totally (ahem) lost if you do. And the longer you wait, the worse it’s likely to be? But of course, I got Netflix now so I might just watch all… how many episodes were there?

      1. It was on for six seasons. There are approximately 115 episodes. I was glued to the television every Wednesday. I LOVED it. But I’m a geeky girl that way. No one could speak during the hour it was on or I would go a little nuts. Hahahahaha!

        I think you’d really get into it. I go back and watch old episodes every once in awhile. My favorite character was Sawyer. Not because of his looks, but because of his character’s history. His tortured past. Locke was pretty kick ass too. Seriously, take a few days and watch them all. I don’t think you’ll regret it. 😉

      2. I haven’t watched Dexter at all this season. I need to catch up. He’s my favorite serial killer. Giggle. I’ve never seen Walking Dead. Love zombies but never watched one episode. I need to. Maybe that’s what I’ll do all weekend. Just veg out and watch tv. And nap. Doesn’t that sound great?

      3. Oh boy does it ever! I will try, but I also got eight cats and a grandmother to take care of, not to mention the building which houses them. My folks are going away and need me to house sit, in short. But at least they got cable. And you must see Walking Dead! Though be warned, it’s pretty gory and full of fright, and a few heart-wrenching scenes. 😛

      4. YAY blood and zombies! Love it! Eight cats? That’s good you still have a grandma. All of mine are gone now. I was lucky though, the last one died when I was 40. You’re sweet to take care of her. I’m sure your parents appreciate it. Have a good one Matt. It was so good to chat with you…..;-)

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